Skip Permits

If you are hiring a household or business skip in the UK and it needs to be parked on a public road, you will require a skip hire council permit.

The skip hire council permit enables you to legally place a skip on a public road, complying with section 139 of the Highways Act 1980.

How do I obtain a skip hire permit?

Skip hire permits for the UK can be obtained through us when ordering your skip. When you call our skip hire sales team on 01553 779913, they will ask you whether your skip will be placed on or off the road. If the skip is to be placed on the road, our operator can arrange the skip hire permit prior to the skip delivery.

How much does the skip hire permit cost?

Charges for a skip hire permit varies, depending on the council controlling your area. Typically, they can vary between £30-£60. For a more accurate figure, contact the skip hire team today, stating where the skip is to be delivered.

How long does a skip hire permit take to process?

The time taken to receive a skip hire permit can also vary, depending on the council involved. Most skip hire permits are normally processed within 3-5 working days, so bear this in mind when hiring skips.

How long does the skip hire permit last?

The skip hire permit’s validity also varies depending on the issuing council. Most skip hire permits last at least a week, with some areas lasting up to a month as standard. However, it may be possible to apply for longer skip hire permits if the standard permit doesn’t cover your intended skip hire period. Contact our skip hire team if you would like further information on skip hire permit duration.

What if I can’t get a skip hire permit?

On rare occasions, it’s possible that your local council will refuse to issue skip hire permits. Perhaps your premises is in a very restrictive area or the skip hire permit application was simply too short notice to fulfil.

All is not lost, as we can provide a Wait and Load Skip Hire service. This is where a skip is hired for around 30-minutes, and is filled while the skip lorry waits.

However, if Wait and Load skip hire isn’t right for you, then call the skip hire team on 01553 779913 who can offer advice on alternative waste disposal methods.

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